Thallumaala (Hindi)

2022 2h 29m

Thallumaala revolves around a series of fights in the life of a young man named Wasim, Among these fights, the one that ends up topping the list is the massive fight that breaks out on his wedding day, which transforms Wasim into Manavalan Wasim, the internet sensation he is today. The fact that his bride was Beepaathu, an even bigger internet celebrity, only makes things worse. the Police S.I, Regi Mathew, who now believes his only shot at redemption and going back to normal is through a fist fight to the end with Wasim. As both men gear up for the final brawl, Wasim must also fight the fight of winning back the heart of his lost love and once bride, Beepaathu.

Director: Khalid Rahman

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Hindi Dubbed

Cast: Adhri Joe, Ann Saleem, Assim Jamal, Austin Dan, Binu Pappu, Chemban Vinod Jose, Dhaneesh Balan, Gokulan, Johny Antony, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Lukman Avaran, Mashar Hamsa


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