1981 2h 19m

Vijay lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widowed dad, Mohan, and is betrothed to Gayetri Prasad when they were still children. Now both are adults and are attracted to each other. Gayetri, who lives a middle-class lifestyle with her dad, Badri, and mom, Satyavati, in Madhavpur, is soon married to Vijay, but realizes that he is an atheist, while she is a devout Hindu, and worshiper of Lord Shiv, and it was perhaps for this reason that their marriage ceremony was marred by several accidents, including Vijay being mauled by a runaway buffalo, and a fire breaking out at the Mandap itself. Remake of Na Ninna Bidalare (Vijay, 1979).

Director: Vijay B.

Genre: Bollywood, Horror, Thriller

Cast: Anant Nag, B.M. Vyas, Jagdeep, Madan Puri, Om Shivpuri, Prema Narayan, Rekha


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