Baaplyok (Marathi) (HD)

2023 1h 41m

The road ahead might be straight and even, but human character is shaped by the journey thereon. Sagar and his father set out to invite their far-off relatives to Sagar's wedding. But the venture is not as easy. Sagar has left his job in Pune in order to live with his parents in the village and work as a farmer. "Farmers are not good suitors", yet somehow Sagar has found a bride and they are about to be married. Sagar and his father are always at odds against each other for no particular reason. This father-son tension characterises their journey, their relationship in the hands of the dust and the soil of the road.

Director: Amol Gharat, Makarand Mane

Genre: Drama, Family, Marathi

Cast: Aishwarya Diwanji, Madhusudan Gangne, Mahesh Bhosale, Neeta Shende, Pawan Aherkar, Payal Jadhav, Shashank Shende, Vidya Jidhpurkar, Vitthal Kale

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