Aazam - Rise of a New Don (Low Quality)

2023 0h 0m

Aazam is a Hindi feature film, set in the underbelly of the Mumbai underworld, the story revolves around the succession battle of mafia don Nawab Khan, who is suffering from blood cancer and has only 10-15 days to live. Huh. Nawab Khan controls the syndicate of 5 partners in governing the city. Kadar - Nawab's son, is his legitimate heir in business, but on the advice of his colleague Javed, Kader plans to eliminate all his father's associates. Kadar's plan fails as other syndicate members have their own agenda for the gang war. DCP Joshi, who is trying to stop this gang war havoc, also gets caught in the conspiracy hatched by Javed. Who is the "Aazam" of this battle of defeat and victory?

Director: Shravan Tiwari

Genre: Bollywood, Crime, Drama, Mystery

Cast: Abhimanyu Singh, Govind Namdev, Indraneil Sengupta, Jimmy Shergill, Raza Murad, Sanjeev Tyagi, Sayaji Shinde


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