Trapped in Tradition: Rivaaz

2011 2h 0m

Rivaaz is a film against exploitation, a film about dignity, about hope of women who are traded in the name of tradition. Family-based Prostitution in which exists in many districts. But unfortunately Our Law and Order System does not consider this as a major issue. The system which started as a community tradition (rivaaz) now operating as a money-making trade within the knowledge of the lawmakers and protectors. A man falls in love with a village belle who is destined for traditional prostitution.

Director: Ashok Nanda

Genre: Bollywood, Drama

Cast: Alok Nath, Deepti Naval, Meghna Naidu, Rajendra Gupta, Reema Lagoo, Sadhika Randhawa, Sayaji Shinde, Vijay Raaz, Yashpal Sharma


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