Tere Mere Sapne

1971 0h 0m

Upon completing medical school, young, idealistic Dr. Anand Kumar (Dev Anand) moves to a small village intent on making a difference. Unfortunately, he finds that life sometimes gets in the way of principles. After tragedy strikes the doctor and his new bride (Mumtaz), his bitterness drives him to pursue wealth and power, transforming him into the type of man he once despised. But in winning a fortune, has Anand lost the love of his devoted wife?

Director: Vijay Anand

Genre: Bollywood

Cast: Agha, D.K. Sapru, Dev Anand, Leela Mishra, Mahesh Kaul, Mumtaz, Mumtaz Begum, Paro, Prem Nath, Tabassum, Vijay Anand


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