Tantiram (Hindi) (HD)

2023 1h 39m

Balachandran avoids interaction with women, preferring to seek time alone due to a traumatic past with his mother. Everything changes when he meets the beautiful Alagini, who changes him into a jovial and loving person. However, wedded bliss doesn't last when a tricky supernatural entity enters Balachandran's life.

Director: Muthyala Meher Deepak

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Cast: Asha Sujay, Avinash, Dileep Kumar, Kalidindi, Leela Venkatesh, Nani Kumar, Priyanka Sharma, Shiva Prasad, Srikanth Gurram, Srinivasa Murthy, Steffi Louise, Sukanya Gadavir

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