Saudi Vellakka (Hindi)

2022 2h 28m

Abhilash Sasidharan receives a summons warrant to appear in court for a case from his childhood. Desperate to learn the truth, he finds a small conflict snowballed into a larger one that changed the lives of everyone involved

Director: Tharun Moorthy

Genre: Drama, Hindi Dubbed

Cast: Abu Valayamkulam, Binu Pappu, Deepak Vijayan, Devi Varma, Dhanush Varghese, Dhanya Ananya, Gokulan, Joji Mundakayam, Kiran Peethambaran, Kurian Chacko, Lukman Avaran, Nayana Narayanan


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  • Sadia Butt says:


    An accurate portrayal of how law and the courtroom function at the grass root level. I was particularly moved by the performance of old mother Ayesha Ravdar. Her emotional impact was strong throughout the film, she didn't say much but what she expressed was powerful and truly justified. Hats off!

    5 stars rating from a Pakistani self-proclaimed critic with Love and respect.

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