Ranj (Punjabi)

2019 1h 20m

Amanpreet, a young man from a village in Punjab, is forced to migrate to India’s capital city, New Delhi, for his livelihood. But he is not wired for city life. He yearns for everything he has left behind – his carefree days, his bride-to-be Geetu, and the familiarity of village life. Amanpreet’s co-workers at the automobile tools shop jump at every opportunity to humiliate him. His boss constantly threatens to fire him. When Amanpreet cracks under the pressure of a troubled work-life, the impending wedding, and his pennilessness, all hell breaks loose.

Director: Sunit Sinha

Genre: Drama, Punjabi

Cast: Adesh Sidhu, Ashok Tiwari, Ekta Sodhi, Kriti V. Sharma, Kuljeet Singh, Madhu Sagar, Nutan Surya, Rahul Nigam, Raju Kumar, Rakesh Singh, Sukumar Tudu, V.K. Sharma

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