1984 1h 53m

The Government of India has chosen to present a literary award to Divakar Barve in recognition of his contribution to Indian Arts and Cinema. Divakar accepts this award, and the community decides to recognize this award-recipient at a special party just for him. Several big-wigs in Bombay city are invited, and they include Mohini, the alcoholic and aging wife of Divakar; Ravi an actor; Bharat an aspiring actor and poet; An aging Ruth who is always accompanied by a much younger boyfriend; Poet and producer, Agashe; Ila Arun the singer; and Achyut Potdar a Bollywood actor. Everyone awaits the arrival of Amrit, an activist. What the invitees do not know that the party is going to be gate-crashed by the host's, Mrs. Damyanti Rane's son and his teen-aged friend; a couple, Naren and Malvika; Then something unexpected happens: Amrit does arrive - but not in the way everybody expected him to arrive.

Director: Arunabh Bhattacharjee, Govind Nihalani, Rajkumar Santoshi, Raju Parsekar, Rekha Sabnis

Genre: Bollywood, Drama

Cast: Achyut Potdar, Akash Khurana, Amrish Puri, Athar Nawaaz, Benjamin Gilani, Darius Irani, Deepa Sahi, Deven Khote, Dileep Kolhatkar, Gulan Kripalani, Ila Arun, Jayant Kripalani


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