Operation Mayfair

2023 1h 56m

A serial killer strikes back in London after laying low for three years. Amar, the investigating detective has since resigned from the job but is brought back to crack the case. Amar decides to return and resolve the case once and for all.

Director: Aadi Mudhar, Deepa Shahi, Rakxit Gowda, Shubha Das Mollick, Sudipto Sarkar, Tom Stanimeros, Vishal Dave

Genre: Bollywood, Crime, Thriller

Cast: Adnan Kapadia, Amelie Edwards, Andreina Sambucetti, Anjali Sharma, Ankur Bhatia, Anna Sofia, Bogumila Bubiak, Bryan Lawrence, Cain Aiden, Chris Wilson, David Sayers, Farooq Azam


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