1975 2h 33m

Madhusudan Chaudhary lives in a small fishing village in West Bengal, India, along with his wealthy but aging paternal uncle, who trusts him and lets him handle their estate and business. Madhusudan is in love with Dr. Anand's sister, Rekha, and everyone expects them to get married soon. Madhusudan's vices are drinking and having a good time, and this is what is held against him when a woman named Champa confides in Rekha that he had been intimate with her and as a result got her pregnant. Rekha confronts Madhusudan, but he denies everything, however, Rekha disbelieves him. Angry, he goes in search of Champa, only to find out that she is not to be found anywhere in the village.

Director: Shakti Samanta

Genre: Action, Bollywood, Drama

Cast: Abhi Bhattacharya, Amol Sen, Anil Chatterjee, Asit Sen, Manik Dutt, Manmohan, Prema Narayan, Probir Roy, Rajni Gupta, Shambhu Mukherjee, Sharmila Tagore, Subroto Mahapatra


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