Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee

1971 0h 0m

Rohit, Whiskey, and Kumar (Rajendra Kumar, Rajendra Nath, and Prem Chopra respectively) are childhood friends. While travelling to his estate in the company of Whiskey, Rohit meets with beautiful Neena (Sadhana), and falls in love with her. Subsequently, he meets with her father (Raj Mehra) where they are properly introduced, and she too falls in love with him. Unknowingly, Kumar also sends his proposal for marriage to Neena, but Neena rejects it. Kumar is offended and shortly before the marriage of Neena and Rohit, molests Neena. Rohit and Kumar become enemies, have a fight and Kumar loses sight in his left eye. Feeling that she is not worthly of Rohit anymore, Neena refuses to marry Rohit. Will Rohit and Neena ever get together again? Will they continue to be haunted by Kumar?

Director: Mohan Kumar

Genre: Bollywood, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast: Kamaldeep, Meena T., Mumtaz Begum, Prem Chopra, Raj Mehra, Rajendra Kumar, Rajendra Nath, Sadhana


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