99 Songs

2021 1h 53m

Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman's quest to understand his purpose and passion. To overcome the challenges that stand between him and everything he cares for; to prove himself and the love for his beloved. A journey of heartbreak and redemption, of loss and faith; an ode to the timeless power of love and music.

Director: Alex Osadchenko, Aparajita Bharadwaj, Jayant Parashar, Pasupuleti Krishna Vamsi, Satish Murugesan, Shrey Mathur, Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy

Genre: Bollywood, Drama, Music, Romance

Cast: Ashwath Bhatt, Diwakar Pundir, Edilsy Vargas, Ehan Bhat, Karan Ashar, Kurush Deboo, Lisa Ray, Manisha Koirala, Neel Tyagi, R. Bhakti Klein, Rahul Ram, Ranjit Barot


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